Gordon Duff, VT 2-10-15… “Pravda: Putin Threatens to Release Satellite Evidence of 9/11”

I wish he would! Then these bastards can reap their just rewards both here on earth AND in Heaven!

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putin_from_vt_150210veterans_today_banner_NEW_54This very strongly struck my view today. As we know, the entire “dark side” structure is collapsing, and this may be a final stick removed from their “house of sticks” to “make it so, Number 1.”

“Published material can prove the US government complicity in the 9/11 attacks and the successful manipulation of public opinion.

“The motive for deception and murder its own citizens served as US oil interests and the Middle East state corporations.

“The evidence will be so convincing that it utterly debunks the official 9/11 cover story supported by the US government.

“In the case of “the September 11 attacks,” the evidence will be conclusive satellite imagery.”


Pravda: Putin Threatens to Release Satellite Evidence of 9/11

(Editor’s note: Russian satellite evidence proving the controlled demolition of the World Trade Center using “special weapons” was reviewed by a VT editor while in Moscow. The article below was…

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Why did Obama have a closed door meeting in the White House with Islamic imams and known Islamic terrorists?

Congress members Mideast trip: No doubt to gather direct evidence of aka Obama’s treasonous activities

Congress members Mideast trip: No doubt to gather direct evidence of aka Obama’s treasonous activities

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